MinterEllison’s PetroLawCheck is a practical, web-based guide that allows companies in the oil & gas industry to assess and monitor their legal obligations relating to offshore operations under Australian Commonwealth, Western Australian and Northern Territory laws.

Accessible 24/7 and by multiple users across multiple operational sites worldwide, PetroLawCheck is designed for use by operational personnel as well as in-house lawyers. It is a "plain English" interactive guide containing useful summaries of regulatory compliance requirements, with links to a wide range of acts, regulations, government guidelines and forms.

PetroLawCheck is maintained and updated by MinterEllison's specialist oil & gas lawyers. With succinct information regarding positive actions that are required relating to offshore operations – eg, obtaining a specific consent or approval, submitting an environment plan, or renewing a particular licence or permit – it ensures you are up to date with the latest legislative amendments and relevant regulatory requirements.

Unique features

  • Summaries enabling users to navigate through and comply with offshore regulatory requirements

  • Up-to-date guidance notes about regulatory requirements, supported by the required forms

  • Links to:
    • full text of relevant regulatory requirements
    • administrative guidelines and forms
    • key regulatory and agency websites
    • applications/approvals guidance notes prepared by Minter Ellison oil & gas specialist
  • Downloadable list of regulatory requirements into MS Word or checklist format
  • Practical tool to:
    • administer approval requests and reporting requirements
    • monitor compliance with regulatory requirements
    • manage and mitigate regulatory risk exposures
  • News alert and bulletins to keep subscribers informed of ongoing legislative developments.

Existing subscribers

  • ENI Australia Limited
  • BP Developments Australia Pty Ltd
  • Total E&P Australia
  • ConocoPhillips Australia Pty Ltd

If you would like to have a free trial or demonstration of PetroLawCheck, or find out more about a subscription, please contact the MinterEllison personnel listed in the side panel.