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29 October 2015

The Federal Government continues in its implementation of the reforms to Australia's foreign investment regime. The relevant Bills have been introduced into Parliament and a report on them has been handed down by the Senate Economics Committee.

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17 November 2015

Last week, Parliament finally passed the Fair Work Amendment Bill 2014 – originally introduced nearly 2 years ago in February 2014, but not without some significant amendments from the Senate cross benchers. In fact, only three main areas of the original Bill survive – changes to break deadlocks in negotiations for a greenfields agreements, changes to prevent unions taking protected industrial action to force an employer to agree to enterprise bargaining and a new requirement for an employer to discuss a refusal to extend parental leave. Even the changes to greenfields agreements have come at a price, and the amendments will be reviewed after two years. Other changes did not get through – such as tweaking of unfair dismissal and transfer of business laws, as well as changes relating to annual leave loading and Individual Flexibility Agreements.

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16 November 2015

In this article partner John Mosely and senior associate Cynthia Li examine Australian law and practice in the debt funding of public company takeovers.