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10 November 2014

Following the Wein Review and considerable public consultation since early 2013, the new Franchising Code of Conduct has been released and, assuming it is enacted, will take effect on 1 January 2015. The New Code contains a number of significant regulatory changes which franchisors will need to understand, in order to determine what changes they will need to make prior to the commencement date.

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30 October 2014

In this edition of Higher Education Focus, we look at:

  • High Court decision: the implied term of trust and confidence in employment contracts is not part of Australian law
  • Taxing issues for not-for-profits
  • A new area for compliance focus: fee deregulation and competition law risks
  • Public authority – a review of the common law

Articles (18)

6 November 2014

Partners Matthew Cunningham, John Elias, James Mok and Paul Paxton produced an overview of lending and taking security in Australia, part of Practical Law's multi-jurisdictional guide to finance. They provide a high level overview of the lending market, forms of security over assets, special purpose vehicles in secured lending, quasi-security, negative pledge, guarantees, and loan agreements.