Cloud Computing

Achieving the anticipated value of merger and acquisition activity is critically dependent on correctly understanding and identifying the business being sold or acquired and either separating or integrating that business from or into the balance of the business cost-effectively. This is becoming more difficult given the increasing complexity and interdependence between key information management systems and core business processes. MinterEllison's technology and communications team has advised on cloud computing transactions for many years, and in many different forms covering infrastructure, platform and software solutions. We advise on projects involving public and private clouds, hybrid and bespoke solutions. We have particular expertise in assisting clients to understand and successfully navigate cloud issues in complex and multi-jurisdictional regulatory environments.

We assist clients to ensure that the promised benefits of on-demand, efficient and scalable resources are delivered in a way that meets their particular needs.

1 August 2011

Many organisations are transferring non-critical applications to various cloud computing models, whilst still maintaining business critical applications within their current infrastructure. Cloud computing models exist along a spectrum that includes public clouds, private clouds, hybrid clouds and virtual private clouds (a private cloud existing in a public cloud).