Embedding flexibility and a safe workplace

MinterEllison is currently implementing Empower - a strategic initiative focused on redesigning work practices. The program encourages our people to explore how they can deliver better outcomes to their clients by making different choices about how and where they work. This allows us to connect the concepts of agility and flexibility with commercial outcomes and thus brings it into the realm of being a practical, supported and endorsed way of working.

Whether you are a parent or the carer of an ageing parent (or often, both), achieving the right balance between work commitments and family commitments can be a real challenge. At MinterEllison, we aim to provide the support, understanding and flexibility to navigate these challenges.

“Offering this program to both working mothers and fathers is a testament to the firm wanting its employees to achieve work/life balance. It shows that MinterEllison recognises being a working parent is a challenge and that there is a great benefit derived from supporting us”
Anonymous, Participant in the Working Mothers Program

In 2018, we launched a new working and parenting program with our specialist provider Karitane to better support our working parents. Our inclusive programs are designed to support mothers, fathers and all family structures.

Our Karitane offerings include:

  • In office parenting training sessions
  • Online real time one to one support with qualified nurses accessible in your home
  • Access to webinars within office hours and recorded sessions for people to access at any time from home
  • Support through all stages of a child's development supporting both mothers and fathers and other carers to manage their own wellbeing before and after the child is born. The Karitane program supports parents and other carers at all stages from pregnancy in the early years through to parenting young adults
  • Telephone consultation with a professional nurse while on parental leave
  • Online support resources for all carers available on our intranet
  • Parental Telephone Support Line
“My assumption has always been you have to move in-house or to a smaller firm in order to get a kind of balance. The [Working Fathers Program] has shown me some techniques that will help me to do that here”
Anonymous, Participant in the Working Fathers program

Beyond our support for caregivers, we are focused on building a safe workplace for our people and their loved ones. Specifically, we recognise that domestic and family violence can impact anyone regardless of cultural, background, gender or socio-economic status.

At MinterEllison, we see domestic and family violence as a workplace issue and aim to provide a supportive working environment where our people experiencing domestic and family violence can come forward for confidential help and support.

To address domestic and family violence as a workplace issue, we have:

  • developed a Domestic & Family Violence Policy
  • provided specialist training sessions for senior leaders and members of our Talent team to provide support for team members
  • aligned our Employee Assistance Program with internal policies and processes to ensure holistic support for our people
  • hosted internal sessions raising awareness about domestic and family violence.

To learn more about our commitment to address domestic and family violence, visit our corporate responsibility page.