Ukraine & Russia situation


MinterEllison does not have any offices in Ukraine or Russia and is not aware of any impact to our network or data. MinterEllison remains on high alert and continue to run our 24x7 threat monitoring for any malicious activities across our environment and are working closely with our third party suppliers.



MinterEllison is aware of the latest developments around Log4j vulnerability. We have taken measures to address vulnerabilities in our internal software products and have implemented additional preventative controls. We are not aware of any breaches and have 24/7 monitoring measures in place. We are also working with all our cloud suppliers to mitigate any potential impact. We will continue to monitor the situation.


MinterEllison - Supplier Information Security Standard

MinterEllison is committed to maintaining the highest standard of information security when it comes to information regarding our clients, client matters, our employees, and our own information. This "MinterEllison - Supplier Information Security Standard" refers to a set of information security controls that we expect our suppliers to implement to protect MinterEllison data.