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As a valued Minters Alumni, we're delighted to invite you to our Ascent Series. Minters Ascent aims to provide Alumni with unique opportunities in personal and professional development.

MinterEllison's Chief Experience Officer, Fiona Glendinning will be leading her renowned session on: Managing high performing legal teams.

As leaders in the legal profession juggling increasing client demands and rapid change, it is critical to break out of the expertise silo and prioritise creating team cultures that value collaborative high performance.

Transforming expert organisations is challenging. It requires a shift in mindset to an approach that values both production as well as the associated quality of interaction. This is even more difficult when often the traditional supporting systems and structures (eg rewards) may not be strictly in alignment with this approach.

Over lunch Fiona Glendinning will share some of her insights.

We hope that you can join us.

 Minters alumni - People

We were delighted when Elisabeth Davies got in touch with us to let us know that many alumni are now working for Amazon and are located around the globe. The picture above is from a recent conference in Seattle.

We chatted with Elisabeth to find out about her inspiring career journey and what it is like working for innovative technology giant, Amazon.

Top L-R: Christine (Yoo) Butler, Corporate Counsel (Marketing, North America Consumer Legal) Seattle; Jessica Childs, Corporate Counsel (AWS) London; Elisabeth (Koster) Davies, Corporate Counsel (Alexa Communications, Digital Legal) Seattle; Dan Malouf, Corporate Counsel (AWS) Seattle.

Bottom L-R: Alee Hadaya, Corporate Counsel (AWS) Seattle; Luke Goldstein, Corporate Counsel (AWS) Singapore; Pinar Ozer, Corporate Counsel (Fire TV, Digital Legal) Seattle; Mark Silberer, Corporate Counsel (AWS) Seattle.

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