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Environmental, social, governance (ESG)

ESG is about everything you do which impacts or depends on people and the environment. ESG considerations are typically complex and interconnected. How do you govern those impacts and dependencies in your organisation? Understanding both market trends and emerging issues is essential. In this fast-paced ESG landscape, MinterEllison stands apart with our integrated legal and consulting expertise. We see ESG as more than compliance or a risk to mitigate — it's a strategic opportunity for every facet of your business, from operations to supply chain and beyond.

Our multidisciplinary approach enables you to harness sustainability risks and transform them into actionable, forward-thinking strategies. Beyond risk mitigation, we help you anticipate and adapt to change, ensuring your operations and value chains align seamlessly with evolving regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations.

With MinterEllison, you're not merely adapting to change. You're shaping and driving a more sustainable future.


Case studies

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Super Retail Group

Evaluated greenwashing risk in four main brands and business practices amid increasing regulatory oversight in Australia. Identified risks in products, compliance processes, and governance, and recommended areas for improvement.

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Modern slavery compliance and training

Guided full Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) compliance. Conducted focused training for legal, compliance, procurement, HR, CSR teams. Developed tools for risk assessment and due diligence efficiency.

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Guidance on Green and Social Finance Transaction

Provided counsel for Green, Sustainable, and Social finance deals. Represented Governments, Issuers, Arrangers, and Investors in Social Impact Bond (SIB) programs and payment for outcomes (PBO) contracts.

Mandatory Reporting Guide

A guide to help directors understand the changes, why they are being introduced, how to assess their existing level of preparedness and identify what they and their organisations need to do to prepare.

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Leading the Australian conversation on ESG

Our input with leading Australian and international influencers and advocates on ESG.


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