Climate risk governance: What directors need to know

1 minute read  27.08.2021 Sarah Barker

MinterEllison has partnered with the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) to release a plain-language guide to assist directors with their climate risk journey.


Key takeouts

  • Directors should read the guide to understand the climate change journey and where to start
  • The guide offers practical tips and question to consider when assessing climate change risks and opportunities
  • Directors duties and expectations are outlined in plain-language to help you establish good governance structures

Are you a director looking to start your board's climate change journey? Unsure of where to begin and what your duties are?

This plain-language guide will help!

Developed together with the AICD, the guide is designed to aid directors in establishing good governance structures and meeting the challenges and opportunities that climate change risks present.

This guide will help you to:

  • Get climate change on the agenda
    Helping the board to discuss climate-related risks or opportunities and inviting deeper conversation on the issue
  • Assess risk
    Ensuring your organisation is prepared for the impact of climate change on your business
  • Assess opportunity
    Ensuring your organisation is able to benefit from the opportunities that climate change presents (e.g. transition to a low carbon economy)
  • Examine governance structures, stakeholders and reporting
    Ensuring your organisation is prepared to address the issue and understand stakeholder sentiment and reporting expectations
  • Take action
    Once your board has taken these steps, take action and focus on continuous improvement

Start your climate change journey by reading the guide

MinterEllison's leading Climate Risk Governance team can help you navigate your board's climate change journey with confidence. Call us if you would like to discuss how we can help you.