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Leading strategic advisors, ready to design, develop and operationalise with you. We’ve brought together an unmatched team of experts under one roof. Combining the dynamism of client-centric, specialised consulting services with the power of one of Australia's largest law firms, MinterEllison. Consultants ready and able to help you transform your business.

Optimise performance | Advice on strategy, governance, funding and structures | Identify opportunities | Elevate leadership and capabilities | Enhance your reputation | Control risk | Manage regulation and policy | Benchmark your technology

What we do

MinterEllison Consulting brings a fresh perspective and independent thinking to solving your business challenges. Flexible and agile. We are thinkers, and doers. We get projects over the line, working alongside by side with you. The experts you meet are the ones doing the work, delivering the results.

Consulting expertise in technology, risk and regulatory, legal optimisation, and education, with access to legal practitioners for a seamless, efficient and cost effective solution.

Let us prepare you for the future. Move your business forward.

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Protect and optimise technology investments. Align them with business objectives.

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Risk & Regulatory

Secure your risk foundations. Enhance your compliance frameworks and reputation.

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In-house Legal Optimisation

Secure your risk foundations. Enhance your compliance frameworks and reputation.

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Adapt and innovate to grow and be sustainable. Remain student-centric, enable research and attract funding.

Case studies

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Efficiencies through machine learning

An international insurer required a review of their product disclosure statements (PDSs) portfolio for the Unfair Contracts Terms regime in less than 18 months. A machine learning (ML) solution, analysed, pattern mapped, processed and spotted anomalies in over 315,000 clauses in minutes. The solution eliminated over 850 hours of data processing, reduced costs and errors.

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Speed, accuracy and reputation

A large multi-national property, infrastructure and construction firm's remediation project involved reviewing over 1,000 lots in six months to determine whether residents were eligible for compensation (i.e. payout of buyback). Speed, accuracy, multiple stakeholder management were paramount. We assisted with the operationalisation of the scheme by designing and supporting the delivery of the program, including working with the legal team to complete Settlement Deeds. This freed up the client's staff to spend time more time with clients and stakeholders.

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Forecasting IT risk in financial services acquisition

A global investment bank undertaking a potential acquisition of a large government agency required technology due diligence services. We delivered a 35-year forecast of IT-related expenses and a detailed profile of IT risk for consideration.

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Market insights for supply chain savings

The leadership of an Australian bank requested market insights into the pricing of all outsourced BPO services before renewing key multi-year contracts. The scope considered multiple suppliers, global delivery locations and service lines, including commercial banking, fund administration and insurance divisions of the bank, over an annualised spend of ~$500M. MinterEllison Consulting identified 12% in annualised savings and further opportunities to optimise volumes and service specifications.

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Addressing risk culture

A highly regulated institution identified risk management cultural issues within its organisation, increasing its exposure to regulatory intervention. MinterEllison Consulting conducted a risk culture assessment for the institution. We then developed and implemented a risk culture strategy to address the cultural issues. The Regulator acknowledged these initiatives, noting that the Board and leadership were seriously addressing past issues and improving the institution's risk culture.

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Performance reporting

Review of a whole of University approach to student performance reporting. Mechanisms were identified to support fit for purpose and coherent reporting, enable effective analysis and support identification of risk to support governance and management processes.

Our consulting services are provided (directly and indirectly) by MinterEllison Consulting (ABN 50 017 469 292) and MinterEllison Consulting Pty Ltd (ABN 50 077 613 828), both of which are part of the MinterEllison Group. Our consulting services do not constitute legal services nor legal advice and are not provided by Australian legal practitioners acting in that capacity. The laws and regulations which govern the provision of legal services in the relevant jurisdiction do not apply to the provision of non-legal services.