Tailored advice across the full spectrum of regulatory, compliance and governance issues

Board & governance

Scrutiny of corporate leadership decisions and corporate governance has never been more apparent, with increased regulatory risk, shareholder claims and investigations making it more important for considered, confident and transparent decision making.

Our corporate headquarters advisory team works with Board chairs, non-executive directors, CEOs, company secretaries, corporate counsel and other senior executives, focusing on helping them to more effectively discharge their duties and improve board performance and decision-making.

We offer confidential tailored and pragmatic advice across the full spectrum of regulatory, compliance and governance issues, and we specialise in preventive strategies to avert governance problems before they arise. Our expertise includes:

  • Skills development and training, including board effectiveness and good decision making
  • Best practice commercial, legal and ethical standards
  • Crisis management and major incident responses
  • Directors’ duties and liabilities
  • Board composition and sub-committees
  • Indemnities and insurance
  • Constitutions
  • Annual reports, AGM / EGMs and shareholder / investor relations
  • Director and senior executive remuneration / incentives
  • Regulatory requirements including market disclosures, corporate crime and insider trading investigations

Report: A new financial services landscape


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