Commercial contracts & procurement

Robust and thorough commercial contracts with vendors, suppliers, customers, financiers and distributors underpin effective supply chains and help manage risk in business operations. From stand-alone companies, to global corporate groups and public sector organisations, we will help you negotiate and document the full spectrum of your business transactions, focusing on the practical and commercial realities specific to your sector and the legal issues, to deliver the right solution.

How we can help

We provide solutions across the full risk spectrum and the full lifecycle of commercial contracts and procurement, including:

  • Commercial negotiations
  • Contracts, including development, negotiation, drafting, finalisation, guarantees and indemnities, ongoing management, performance evaluation and variations
  • e-Commerce, including privacy and data protection
  • vendor, supplier, reseller arrangements
  • procurement and sourcing strategies, including project appraisal, pre-qualification, tender assessment and negotiation, post-contract awards
  • Addressing legislative and regulatory requirements and changes (including competition laws, privacy laws, tax laws and financial services laws)
  • dispute resolution and management

We can also help clients understand new and disruptive technologies and negotiate or document their next generation products and services, such as smart contracts and distributed ledger solutions using blockchain, as well as use different approaches (such as agile contracting), and achieve different contractual outcomes and arrangements (whether for deliverables, timescales or risk allocations).


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