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Future cities

Our cities are constantly evolving. Building on the foundations of history, they change and grow, weaving the past with our present needs. This evolution is happening at an increasingly rapid pace – with technological advances and unforeseen disruptions creating new challenges. We need our cities of the future to be adaptable and sustainable, while providing amenities and spaces for us to live, recreate and work. This presents challenges and opportunities for our communities, developers and governments.

By working together, we can create great cities of the future.


Adapting, evolving and sustaining our cities of the future

Over the last century, rapid urbanisation has seen a dramatic increase in the percentage of the world's population living in cities – from just 14 per cent, to over 50 per cent. This figure is set to rise even further over the coming decades. The flow of people to cities has been driven by factors including: access to better housing, greater employment opportunities, and improved living standards.

The cities of 2050 will look very different to the way they do now, as they grow and evolve at a rapid pace. While the coming decades hold great promise, they come with challenges, decisions and risks. Those who lead and manage our cities must decide how they are serviced, planned and integrated. They must embrace new ways of thinking – to ensure our cities are connected, inclusive, liveable, productive and sustainable.

Exploring future cities

MinterEllison is engaging and partnering with governments, industry, public and private companies, and academics to amplify voice and debate to shape future cities. We bring perspectives grounded in industry knowledge and legal expertise in construction, funding and financing, environment and planning, infrastructure, real estate and property, tax, climate risk and technology.

Placemaking: Reinvent public spaces

Our perspectives on building communities around places and stimulating local economies, by attracting investment and engaging with local communities.

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City accommodation: Creating future skylines

Our perspectives on the emergence of new housing types in response the issues of aging population, densification, housing affordability, and social needs.

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Smart cities: Integrating new technologies

Our perspectives on new technologies that are shaping our cities, including the challenges of connecting digital ecosystems, and managing and using data.

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Infrastructure: Delivering sustainable outcomes

Our perspectives on the infrastructure models needed to support the vehicles of tomorrow, services and transport solutions, and renewable utilities and technologies.

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