Harness energy transition opportunities

Energy transition and carbon

The challenge intensifies as energy companies, producers, and consumers navigate the complex landscape of the energy transition and emissions reduction. Balancing financial growth and responsibility, understanding the risks the transition entails, accessing finance amidst evolving regulations, and maintaining the energy system's good operation are issues at the forefront. MinterEllison stands ready with integrated legal, risk, and consulting expertise, turning these challenges into strategic opportunities.


How we can help

We go beyond offering immediate solutions. Our multidisciplinary team stress-tests your strategic plans and risk profiles, providing a broad business view of the ESG issues and identifying your unique pain points. Our services include:

  • Risk mapping corporate strategy against ESG legal frameworks
  • ESG risk due diligence for current and future prospects
  • Strategy review for board and management alignment on ESG-related decisions
  • Building internal capability to support the energy transformation strategy
  • Identifying and mitigating greenwashing risks
  • Benchmarking your existing regulatory framework against more evolved jurisdictions
  • Analysing external stakeholders (debt holders, shareholders, contractors, suppliers, customers, activists) for potential ESG-related impact
  • Assessing ESG-related potential liabilities associated with carbon-emitting assets
  • Supporting government in capacity auctions and contracting models
  • ESG-proofing energy and other supply contracts
  • Proposing alternative business and funding models
  • Workforce transition

From advising on the trade-offs between value and responsibility to assisting in the decommissioning process of assets, our approach is tailor-made to your needs, ensuring you navigate the transition successfully and lead in the new energy landscape.


Renewables report 2023

We canvassed the opinions of 100 active domestic and international renewable energy investors to gauge their views on the investment opportunities, trends and challenges in Australia.


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