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ESG Readiness Program

In today's dynamic corporate environment, the stakes for businesses and their leadership have never been higher. ESG is no longer just a trending topic; it's a paradigm shift that defines long-term success, brand reputation, and stakeholder trust. We recognise the nuanced challenges facing CEOs, Chairs, and Boards. We offer legal and consulting expertise, ensuring your company is not just ESG compliant, but ESG ready and future-proof.


How we can help

ESG readiness isn't just about ticking boxes. It's about embedding it deeply into your company's DNA — its strategy, culture, operations, and procedures. Similar to building a work-safe culture in an organisation, being ESG future-proof means that everyone has the instinct to pose ESG questions in any action or decision of the day-to-day operations

Our end-to-end ESG readiness program is tailor-made to ensure you are well-prepared for the continual ESG evolution. It's about more than preparation; it's about future-proofing. Our services include:

  • Stress-Testing and Risk Mapping: We assess your company's strategy to identifying areas of vulnerability and strength.
  • Board Education: We ensure your board is well-versed in ESG issues and understand its obligations of risk management, strategy and oversight enabling them to make informed decisions that stand the test of time.
  • Gap and Risk Analysis: We conduct a thorough analysis across all facets of your organization — from leadership to culture — pinpointing gaps and potential risks in your ESG framework.
  • Change Program Design: After understanding your challenges and aspirations, we help design a change program tailored to your needs, ensuring ESG is woven seamlessly into your DNA.
  • Change Advisory: As you embark on your ESG journey, we offer continued support and expert advice every step of the way.

Your company's long-term resilience, growth, and reputation hinge on your approach to ESG. With MinterEllison, you're not just adapting to the future but shaping it.

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