COVID-19: How will Australia's public health emergency powers affect you

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The Federal, State and Territory powers to respond to public health emergencies in Australia have been exercised more thoroughly in the past six months than ever before.
Responding to COVID-19 How will Australia’s public health emergency powers affect you?

Current as 3:00pm on 19 November 2020, based on publicly available information. 

This document will be updated regularly to reflect the changing landscape and directions issued in each State and Territory.

The Federal, State and Territory powers to respond to public health emergencies in Australia have been exercised more thoroughly in the past few months than ever before.

There is no single 'emergency' law in Australia which gives one government all the power to formulate and implement a national response. Instead, ongoing communication and cooperation between the Federal and State and Territory governments, especially through the establishment and coordination of the 'National Cabinet', has been central to implementing a united front against the current and future impacts of COVID-19.

We have summarised the key powers of the government in every State and Territory, as well as the steps which have been taken to exercise those powers and the current steps being taking to relax restrictions across the country. The impacts on business have been significant and understanding how the restrictions are being eased or altered will materially impact your capability to adapt quickly and recover from these impacts.

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