How autonomous vehicles will support the unstoppable rise of the city

1 minute read + PDF download  03.08.2017 David Pearce

The widespread adoption of Autonomous Vehicles promises to radically transform public and private transportation. Driverless cars and other forms of Autonomous Vehicles will fundamentally alter how we move about our cities, and also change cities themselves

This paper explains the current state of play with Autonomous Vehicles, and predicted timelines for their widespread rollout. The authors discuss how Autonomous Vehicles are likely to impact congestion, our road networks and our cities more generally. Consideration is given to our changing legal and regulatory landscape, and the critical role that regulators will have in delivering public benefits from Autonomous Vehicles, particularly through promoting a shared model of Autonomous Vehicle usage and autonomous, and connected public transport systems which solve the 'first and last mile' challenge.

For an in-depth look at how driverless vehicles may affect our urban landscape, download the paper.


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