MinterEllison Taskflow

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MinterEllison’s Taskflow is an award-winning, best of breed platform that drives process standardisation for high-volume, task-based legal matters.

It provides a single view to manage individual matters from initiation to completion.

Taskflow was created by our Legal Service Delivery team in response to demand from both clients and our own lawyers for a cost-effective and easy-to-tailor and implement web-based matter management solution. The initial approach was to develop a new generation product that could be rapidly deployed and implemented across multiple practice areas without increased risk to our own business and without negatively impacting the high level of service and value we are committed to deliver to clients.

Diversity of thought was a key factor that led to the success of this project. The project team included legal experts from across practice groups, systems analysts, developers and precedent/document automation specialists from Business Operations. The diverse team meant we had multiple perspectives to create a solution that is simple and empowers users to structure the workflow to their unique needs.

By identifying commonality of needs and areas of overlap across different practice groups, the team was able to map a standard configuration of activities that can be utilised across multiple practice areas without the need for additional tailoring or coding. This minimised development costs and testing, while ensuring new projects could be delivered quickly.

The multi-disciplined team then designed a task-based solution where a ‘pool of tasks’ were ‘strung’ together to generate a workflow that is unique to a specific matter, but that captures the standard tasks required to ensure its completion. The workflow drives task completion based on specific milestone/dates for the matter and has the flexibility to include new tasks alongside standard tasks.