MinterEllison’s promotions the highest number since pre-Covid

2 minute read  30.06.2022

Promotions reflect client demand for multidisciplinary teams to solve complex problems, 113 new senior promotions, 16 new Partners and 60% female promotions.

MinterEllison is pleased to announce our new senior promotions effective 1 July – 16 partner, 18 special counsel, 1 Executive Director, 1 Director, 72 senior associates and 5 senior managers. Women represent more than half of MinterEllison's senior promotions.

The promotions are across all areas of the firm and reflect client demand in capital, financial and transactional solutions, insurance, workplace, tax, litigation, construction and property.

This is the largest cohort since pre-COVID and reinforces the firm's strategic direction, including our agenda for growth,” said Virginia Briggs, CEO and Managing Partner.

"A promotion is a significant achievement in a person's career and I am very proud to announce 113 promotions across the firm, effective 1 July 2022. We have a large pool of talented people making lasting impacts with clients, our people and communities,” Briggs added,

Promotions are driven by client demand for expertise in ESG, workplace leadership and culture, digital transformation, energy transition, risk and regulation, private capital. The new senior appointments also support anticipated growth in health, real estate, funds management and infrastructure sectors

"I am particularly excited to welcome 16 new partners to the partnership. Each brings a diversity of thinking, experience, leadership style and ways of working to solve clients' complex problems and build business sustainability for today and tomorrow. An example is Jennifer Veiga who leads our new workplace investigation practice and is also an executive co-sponsor of PRIME and the firm's LGBTQ+ network," Briggs said.

"They are switched on to clients' business needs of today and those emerging: ESG, workplace leadership and culture governance, digital transformation, regulatory risk, cyber security, and energy transformation. They have an eye for managing risk and turning it into opportunity,” Briggs added

A common thread between those promoted in both legal and consulting practices is their innovative approach to how they service clients. They use technology in new ways to enhance clients' experience, improve productivity, and reduce costs.

Change, ambiguity and complexity do not faze them. They're used to working in dynamic, multidisciplinary teams,” Briggs said.

Women represent 60% of the current promotions. Since 2018 our average annual partner appointments consistently exceed 50% females. Further partner appointments planned post July will continue this trend.

MinterEllison has 45% female representation on the Board, and 50% of the Office Managing Partners are females. 33% of the firm’s partners are women and they are all equity partners.

"Having more women in partnership and leadership positions is a crucial diversity and inclusion priority. I am pleased how transparent, accountable and focused we are to achieve this target. Our offices, business units and practice groups are accountable to this gender and equality target and we are working towards the 40:40:20 partnership target of any gender by 2025," Briggs said.

Meet our new partners, the class of 2022.

Capital Markets & Corporate

Esmond Prowse, Transaction Solutions, Melbourne
Ben Rumble, Finance Solutions, Perth
Tze Ting Liew, Capital Solutions, Sydney

Disputes, Competition & Insurance

Tom Galvin, Insurance & Corporate Risk, Canberra
Kristy Brockwell, Insurance & Corporate Risk, Melbourne
Jeremy Johnson, Insurance & Corporate Risk, Canberra
Gus Lightowlers, Dispute Resolution, Melbourne

Consulting Solutions

Liz O'Keeffe, Workplace, Adelaide
Jennifer Veiga, Workplace, Brisbane
Stephen Chen, Tax, Melbourne
Robert Yunan, Tax, Melbourne

Infrastructure, Construction & Property

Euon Williams, Real Estate, Brisbane
Owen Kiely, ICP Volume, Sydney
Sian Keast, Project Infrastructure & Construction, Brisbane
Alex Lowe, Project Infrastructure & Construction, Perth
Joanne Moore, Real Estate, Sydney

These 16 new partners are in addition to the 5 partners appointed earlier in FY2022, bringing the number of partners appointed in the Fiscal Year to twenty-one (21).

Meet our new Senior appointments

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