Jonathon Blackford*
I am a national Technology Consulting partner who has influenced more than $4B worth of digital and technology expenditure for Australian government and ASX clients. My specialities include digital innovation, strategy, and commercial analytics. Within our practice I lead our national analytics, research, and innovation group as well as our newly established Queensland practice.
  • +61 7 3119 6271
  • +61 417 882 668

Jonathon's career is uniquely aligned to the current focus and aspirations of the consulting group, spanning 17 years with global top tier consulting firms and more than 50 ASX, NZX, private, and government clients. He is driven by high impact technology relationships and crystal clear technology-centric vision that transforms industries.

As the head of our Technology Consulting Analytics, Innovation, and Research capability, his subject matter expertise covers the full breadth of the contemporary technology and digital environment, including both legacy and emerging technologies.

Key topics of expertise include high impact technology relationships, core infrastructure strategy, user experience design, complex solution architecture, agile operational process design, technology governance models, accelerated delivery methodologies, information security, digital transformation, applied AI, augmented reality, and IoT. Jonathon holds a Bachelors degree in Information Environments and a Masters degree in Intellectual Property Law.

Jonathon has direct industry experience across the following:

  • Financial Services
  • Construction, Real Estate, and Infrastructure
  • Resources and Energy
  • Logistics and Travel
  • Health Services
  • Education
  • Federal and State Government (NSW, QLD, VIC)

*not an Australian legal practitioner