Leon Levine
Partner, Melbourne
I have extensive experience in supporting businesses in Australia in dealing with the full range of both strategic and day-to-day employment-related issues which they face.

I take great pride in being able to work through complicated issues, in coming up with innovative solutions, and in providing clear guidance to businesses about how to deal with those issues. At the same time I am fiercely-protective of the interests of my clients. Therefore, when I am supporting a client in litigation, my continued focus is on finding innovative ways of protecting their interests, both through the litigation process and outside of that process.

Career highlights

Amongst the projects where I have been able to assist clients to achieve their commercial goals are:

  • Enforcement proceedings for breach by former employees of their post employment restrictions
  • Defence of significant claims made under the general protections part of the Fair Work Act
  • Introduction of Drug & Alcohol Policy, and defence of proceedings aimed at frustrating its introduction
  • Defence of claims for redundancy benefits (resulting in significant costs savings)
  • Restructurings and transition to new business models