Peter Block
Partner, Melbourne
I am a specialist in the procurement, project structuring, construction, extension and financing of large and complex infrastructure projects with multiple packages and significant interface risk. I have advised government, sponsors, developers, financiers, construction contractors, operators and maintainers on procurement projects in Australia, the UK, Europe, Asia and Africa over the past 25 years.

Career highlights

  • Port privatisations – the successful privatisations of Port of Melbourne, Port Botany and Port Kembla
  • PPPs/Concessions - advising on numerous Australian PPP projects and infrastructure concessions for hospitals, schools, prisons, roads, ships, satellites, water, ports including Victoria's Outer Suburban Arterial Road PPP, NSW Northern Beaches Hospital PPP, Grafton Prison PPP, NSW's John Morony Prison Outsourcing, Royal Adelaide Hospital PPP, SA Prisons PPP, SA Schools PPP, Darwin Marine Supply Base concession, NBN Co's Satellite operations, ground terminals, Skynet 5 PPP, Galileo PPP, Sunshine Coast University Hospital PPP, VCCC PPP, Sunshine Coast Private Hospital Concession, Victorian Desalination PPP, Ravenhall Prison PPP, Victorian Schools PPP, Airport Link PPP, and the Commonwealth's new icebreaker vessel concession
  • PPP/infrastructure/concession financing - advising finance documents on the Victorian Peninsula Link Freeway PPP, the Victorian Desalination Plant PPP, Victorian Ararat Prison Project PPP, Brisbane Airport Link PPP, Victorian Schools PPP, SA Schools PPP, Victorian Bioscience Research Centre PPP and SLEAP 2 PPP Projects.
  • Endeavour Energy – advising on the successful acquisition of 50.4 per cent of NSW’s electricity distribution business