Sharon Tumber
Director, MinterEllison Consulting, Sydney
I am a seasoned risk, compliance and complex regulatory change leader with over 13 years of extensive blended experience in industry and consulting. I have a proven track record of adapting to complex, dynamic environments to ensure organisations stay ahead of the regulatory compliance curve.

I bring strategic insight, innovative solutions, and a keen understanding of the legal landscape, safeguarding businesses from risks and maximising operational efficiency. I assist organisations to transform and confidently tackle regulatory challenges and seize opportunities in an evolving regulatory landscape.

I am a Director in MinterEllison's Risk and Regulatory Consulting team. I am a lawyer and an accomplished risk and compliance leader with over 13 years of experience gained working for large Financial Services institutions.

I help clients implement best practice risk and compliance management frameworks, driving a strong focus on Governance and accountability, including monitoring and supervision activities. I have extensive experience developing and implementing regulatory change models for organisations and compliance obligation management, including designing and maintaining an appropriate framework, building and operationalising obligation registers, and mapping accountability to ensure business-specific, fit-for-purpose frameworks are integrated per regulatory requirements.

My unique skill set and innovative approach to advisory services enable me to work closely with organisations to transform and uplift their in-house capabilities, including automating risk and compliance processes to align with the latest advancements in technology and systems. My expertise and pragmatic approach position me to design and implement GRC solutions tailored to meet specific business needs.

Prior to joining MinterEllison, I was the Compliance Lead at Aware Super, Senior Manager of Risk and Compliance at BT Financial Group and the Compliance Manager at AMP Horizons Financial Group.

Career highlights

  • Confidential NZ based mutual bank: Undertook an independent assurance review of the revised compliance and complaints frameworks following an adverse regulatory review. Advised the client on the design effectiveness and operational effectiveness of its new control frameworks to ensure effective risk mitigation against its regulatory obligations.
  • Confidential superannuation client: Planned, designed and led the delivery of an obligations register for a new superannuation product that was being introduced into the market and assisted with the development of supporting compliance policies to support the client's Registrable Superannuation Entity licence applications.
  • Confidential insurance client: Led the delivery of a business technology transformation program initiative, by collaborating with the client to create a digital obligations register for seamless integration into their new Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) system. Furthermore, I supported the client in implementing significant organisational changes by establishing a new compliance framework aligned with an enhanced enterprise risk management framework and digitally enabled solution.
  • Confidential aged care provider: Led the development of a new compliance risk management framework within a comprehensive program aimed at enhancing the client's enterprise risk and compliance management framework. This new framework was designed to ensure the client's ability to manage complex regulatory change and comply with the regulatory changes resulting from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.
  • Confidential telco provider: Advised the client on the uplift required to develop a robust compliance framework as part of a comprehensive effort to improve the client's compliance framework and align it with the ACCC's compliance program.
  • Confidential education Institution: Planned, designed and led the delivery of a legal assessment and compliance transformation program, encompassing policy and legislative obligation enhancements and organisational change management across multiple schools. This program involved assessing existing compliance management frameworks, evaluating the schools' capacity to identify, respond to, and meet obligations, as well as helping automate obligation management and integrate it with a GRC system. Additionally, I worked with the client to design a capability improvement plan aligned with the board and management's goals to attain best practices in compliance management, particularly in the face of complex regulatory changes.

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