Latest COVID-19 Government stimulus package: new support for business

5 minute read Siobhan Doherty, Stephen Knight

The Federal, State and Territory Governments along with the ATO have announced a number of measures to support the economy and businesses through COVID-19.

Guide to Federal, State and Territory support packages for business.

Current as 3:00pm on 6 August 2020, based on publicly available information.

This document will be updated regularly to reflect the changing landscape and directions issued in each State and Territory.

Since 11 March 2020, the Federal, State and Territory Governments as well as the Australian Taxation Office, have announced a raft of stimulus packages and support programs developed to maintain cash flow, support business and the Australian economy and address those sectors and areas suffering the most in response to both the domestic and global challenge that the COVID-19 pandemic presents.

The measures are progressively being enacted and guidance is being issued and updated regularly. This guide is designed to draw your attention to the various key Federal, State and Territory programs which have been announced to date for the benefit of businesses, along with a summary of details of eligibility and the nature of the benefit. Businesses should consider the full range of programs available in making decisions about how to best respond to the current social and economic challenges. Our team is ready to assist to provide additional information relevant to your specific circumstances.