Intelligent automation: our virtual employee solving problems

1 min  16.09.2018 Gary Adler

At MinterEllison, it's not just the people who are our clients' best partner – our bots are too!

At MinterEllison, it's not just the people who are our clients' best partner – our bots are too!

Our client needed help to efficiently and effectively categorise the over a thousand matters we manage for them – and robotic process automation (RPA) was the answer.

Using RPA technology (from FlexRule), a bot with its own MinterEllison account monitors emails and our matter management system, Taskflow, and updates the client portal based on prompts it receives.

For our client, this means that they have accurate, up-to-date, real time information whenever they search their matters.

This has resulted in huge time and cost savings through managing an additional web portal to upload correspondence, documents and invoices.

It's a seamless experience, and helps us meet our clients' needs in the most effective way.

This is a great example of how intelligent automation can enhance the legal industry, and make our clients' experience even better.

Two examples of our bot's activity:



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