Lorraine Adams - Manager, Project Services

Business Operations

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MinterEllison is a great place to build a career as a member of one of our Business Operations teams. Business Development, Corporate Services, Financial Services, Know How, People & Development, Project Services and our Technology teams are all vital to the smooth running of our business.

Working for a partnership in a top tier law is busy and often challenging. It involves managing multiple stakeholders and working collaboratively across offices, countries and time zones.

What you'll find at MinterEllison is a friendly and supportive team, with opportunities to take on innovative firm-wide projects and challenging assignments that develop your professional skills and help to shape our business tools and business functions. There is also tailored training to develop your business acumen and leadership skills and opportunities to take up inter-office secondments.

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Business Operations Teams

Business Development
Business Development assists our lawyers to develop and sustain enduring client relationships. They  assist our legal practice groups identify, articulate and address client needs and coordinate the firm's resources to deliver excellence to clients. This team advises on business planning, account management, tenders and proposals, sponsorships, media profiling, publications and client entertainment.

Corporate Services
Our Corporate Services team oversees the day-to-day running of our business infrastructure, including equipment and office supplies, premises and building services. This team also manages the reception, client meeting rooms and catering facilities in each office.

Financial Services
Our Financial Services team provides expertise in financial accounting (including payroll, accounts payable and tax), management accounting, financial systems and client accounting.

Know How
Our Know How professionals generate value from the firm's intellectual and knowledge-based asset resources by enabling better and faster decision making through collaboration, reuse of knowledge in repositories, and innovative information delivery.

People & Development
Our People & Development team works on a broad range of strategic initiatives to ensure we remain an employer of choice. Our team provides the business with advice in the areas of resourcing, remuneration and benefits, performance, learning and development, graduate programs, career progression, diversity and employee engagement.

Project Services
Project Services is our applied legal technology unit. It provides crucial support to our practice groups and clients through e-litigation, hard copy litigation, due diligence coordination and project and document management.

State of the art technology helps us to maintain our position as a top tier law firm – whether it's finding new ways to share knowledge, bringing business systems together, ensuring systems work seamlessly across offices and countries, or simply ensuring we limit our IT impact on the environment. This team is responsible for applications, infrastructure, telecommunications, training and desktop support.

Learning & Development
We recognise that ongoing learning and development is fundamental to your career progression. For members of our Shared Services teams, we offer tailored programs conducted by leading technical and business educators both within and outside the firm. These programs are designed to assist you improve client relationship skills, business acumen and develop leadership and management confidence.

Our programs are easily accessible and can be selected to suit your individual career development goals.