IP Management

We advise on all aspects of intellectual property management, from developing IP policies and protocols, due diligence and intellectual property audits to transfers of intellectual property, IP registers, strategies and implementation for commercial exploitation, tax effective structuring, joint ventures (incorporated and unincorporated) and strategic alliances. We work with clients to identify legal risks, conduct business and industry analyses and make commercially sound management decisions in respect of their intellectual property.

We advise on IP management from a risk analysis perspective applying ISO 31000 methodology. This involves identifying key IP risks, understanding the significance of those risks and developing cost effective treatment of those risks, all of which should be undertaken in an auditable manner.

IP management takes on significant importance in the context of IP commercialisation transactions whether they be licensing, mergers, spin offs, or distribution arrangements or franchising. We advise on all aspects of IP commercialisation.

9 April 2014

We look at what's in store for trade mark law in 2014, and provide a snapshot of the headline cases from the previous year. Going forward, we expect to see the High Court considering the test for 'distinctiveness' in the Cantarella and Modena dispute, the practical implications of the recent amendments to the Trade Marks Act in full swing, and potential changes in search engine strategies for companies as a result of the High Court's decision in Google v ACCC.

24 March 2014

2014 is already shaping up to be a big year in the world of patents. In anticipation of what's to come, we've taken the opportunity to reflect on and examine the trends emerging from 2013, which was also a bumper year for patents in Australia.

28 November 2013

This month, the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance released the Intellectual Property Guidelines for the Victorian Public Sector.