TMT News

December 2009

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The devil’s in the detail

The downturn in new information and communications technology spending has motivated some software vendors to audit the use of software licences by their customers.

A web of liability

The Internet's central role of delivering news instantaneously and providing adequate search engines to users means internet publishers could be at risk from contempt of court proceedings. This article discusses the Australian approach to the liability issues of online and archived material and how internet publishers can limit their risks.

The heat is on

Large technology and telecommunications companies could be captured by the national greenhouse and energy reporting scheme now that the thresholds that trigger inclusion in the scheme have been lowered. To ensure compliance is met and to avoid any costly penalties, companies must be aware of their obligations.

The challenges of regulating online content in the 21st century

To meet the challenges of the 21st century, Australia's policy makers have developed an online regulatory framework based on the existing classification system to provide efficiency and transparency. However, internet regulation does create some unique challenges given its volume and accessibility.