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MinterEllison is at the forefront of developing innovative products and solutions which are capable of adding real value to our clients and their business. The Firm's suite of Toolkits and Products have been designed to deliver significant cost benefits and time efficiencies. Available in easy-to-use CD and online packages, the product range includes:

The 12 months since the publication of our last Perspectives on Cyber Risk report have seen some of the most devastating cyber incidents yet. In this increasingly fraught climate, in late 2016 we conducted our second annual cyber security survey, to assess changes in Australian organisations’ cyber resilience over the past 12 months.

MinterEllison's popular Guide to the fundamentals of doing business in Australia outlines Australia's business rules, from foreign investment guidelines to taxation, consumer protection, intellectual property and the employment law system. It is essential reading for anyone considering investing in Australia or starting up a business in this country.

A snapshot of the developments and issues that are shaping Equity Capital Markets in Australia

An annual snapshot of the developments and issues that are shaping Private Equity in Australia

An annual snapshot of the developments and issues that are shaping the M&A market in Australia

The management of mental health in the workplace is a complex area and one that clients tell us is at the top of their list of challenges and is of increasing concern. In addition to the legal risks, there are the practical difficulties that come with managing people who are genuinely not well, or not attending work or not responding to reasonable requests. Our survey of Australian workplaces aims to get a better picture of the challenges employers are facing in identifying and managing staff mental health issues.

The Insurance Contracts Act Handbook is a practical overview of Australia's Insurance Contracts Act 1984 incorporating detailed research and case law analysis.

An annual compendium of security of payment cases in all Australian jurisdictions, accompanied by commentary on legislative developments and trends.

Although it’s been an issue for many years, cyber security has risen to particular prominence in the news media over the past 24 months. Cyber attacks against Sony, Target, eBay, Microsoft to name a few have shown how vulnerable even the largest organisations can be.  MinterEllison surveyed C-suite and senior executives in IT, Legal and Risk with a view to providing insights into Australian organisations risk posture in relation to cyber attacks, cyber resilience capability, and intentions in adopting services that increase their cyber risk exposure, and the results are presented in this special report.

This guide covers legal duties and liabilities of Commonwealth board members, focusing on the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (Cth) (PGPA Act), Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule 2014 (Cth) (PGPA Rule) and Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act). It does not consider the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Act 2012 (Cth), or any requirements that may be imposed by a statutory authority’s enabling legislation or a company’s constitution.

The Australian financial services industry is undergoing significant reform aimed at improving the trust and confidence of Australian retail investors in the financial planning sector. The reforms are the Australian Government's response to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services' Inquiry into financial products and services in Australia.

What is involved in acquiring more than 20% of a listed Australian entity? Minter Ellison's Introduction to Australian Takeovers will guide you through the process, providing a concise overview of the regulatory framework, including the role of the Takeovers Panel, and analysing the issues that may arise along the way.

Our new publication addresses the challenges businesses face in the current economic client, and discusses the legal trends over 2014 that are likely to have an impact.

This overview of the oil and gas sector in Australia and New Zealand summarises the policy and regulatory framework in those countries – upstream and downstream, onshore and offshore; taxes and royalties; environment and planning laws; workforce-related legislation; and the implications of carbon policy and regulation for the industry.

On 17 October 2013, the Industrial Relations (Fair Work Act Harmonisation No. 2) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 (the Bill) was introduced into Queensland Parliament. We have put together a guide to help you understand what has changed recently, what is on the horizon and what you need to do to prepare.

The Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 has been passed and, unless proclaimed earlier, its main provisions will commence on 1 July 2014. The PGPA Act will replace the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 and the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997. This guide provides a high level comparative table of each Act and respective provisions.

Australia's State and Territory governments are responsible for commercial and retail tenancies, each with its own legislation and regulations. However, commercial operations, particularly in the retail sector, are not bound by geography.

Minter Ellison's Real Estate team has prepared the sixth edition of our Retail tenancy legislation compendium as an invaluable summary of the eight sets of state and territory legislation.

In this guide we highlight some of the potential hazards and risks associated with Work Sheds and provide guidelines on how to implement effective health and safety risk controls.

Worldwide, demand for uranium and for nuclear power continues to rise. With Australia holding approximately 40% of the world’s total identified uranium resources, it is understandable why recent interest in this sector in Australia has increased dramatically. Companies currently engaged in, or looking to enter, the uranium mining industry in Australia need to understand their rights and the regulatory and approval processes that relate to existing or potential uranium mining assets. That is why we have produced Mining Uranium in Australia: Frequently Asked Questions. We trust you will find this a useful resource.

The Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) came into effect on 30 January 2012 and represents a significant change to the way in which Commonwealth agencies need to secure the Commonwealth’s interest in contractual arrangements, especially funding arrangements. This paper considers some of the complex implications of the PPSA for funding agreements and illustrates the high level of exposure that agencies potentially face in many significant funding programs.

Careful preparation and the identification of potential issues at an early stage is crucial to a successful international AIM admission. To assist with the planning process, Minter Ellison have drawn on our experience in advising AIM companies in the Asia Pacific region to prepare this guide for prospective AIM companies. The guide highlights a number of threshold issues which companies need to consider, including the AIM admission timetable, and explains how our experienced team can support you through the process.

Minter Ellison has been appointed to all panels under the Legal Services Multi-Use List arrangements set up by the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Office of Legal Services Coordination. The Multi-Use List provides agencies with a pre-approved list of law firms for the purpose of procuring legal services.

Cutting through the mining industry regulatory maze: Mining in Australia and New Zealand provides an overview of the sector and its regulation.

In Australia today there are more than 600 statutes at federal, state and territory level that impose personal liability on company directors and officers for the actions of their companies. These are in addition to duties imposed by the Corporations Act.

The United Kingdom is an important global business centre and remains an attractive base for foreign businesses looking to enter the European Union market. Minter Ellison's London office has updated an introductory guide for non-EU businesses considering setting up or investing in the UK, addressing the key issues and answering many frequently asked questions.

Minter Ellison has developed a glossary of terms to demystify a broad range of the terms used by private equity and venture capital investors and their advisers. It also considers some terms more generally used in capital raising transactions and mergers & acquisitions.

Foreign investment in China continues to grow. Large numbers of wholly foreign owned businesses and joint ventures with foreign investors operate in China and their numbers are rapidly increasing. Foreign investors need to consider many factors when planning their investments in China but the complex approval processes, layers of government bureaucracy and consequent time delays can be difficult to grasp for investors unfamiliar with the environment. Our introductory guide to doing business in China outlines the key issues and processes and addresses many frequently asked questions.

The seventh edition of this publication provides a detailed overview of the energy sector in Australia and New Zealand, supported by a comprehensive series of maps and tables.

Minter Ellison has launched the first edition of the Australian and New Zealand Retirement Villages Legislation Compendium. The compendium aims to provide the retirement village industry with a quick reference guide to key aspects of the legislation regulating retirement villages in each state and territory of Australia and in New Zealand.