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1 September 2015

Recent amendments to extend the profits tax exemption for offshore funds to private equity funds is a proactive move by the Hong Kong Government to encourage private equity fund managers to set up new, and expand existing, businesses in Hong Kong.

Private equity managers can now perform more asset management activities in Hong Kong without the risk of their offshore private equity funds incurring a Hong Kong profits tax liability, although they still need to keep in mind the licensing implications of increasing management activity conducted in Hong Kong.

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5 August 2015

The Productivity Commission has released its draft report on the Australian workplace relations framework. The report is a broad-ranging assessment of Australia's workplace relations (WR) framework, considering current laws, institutions and practices.

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27 August 2015

This article examines one source of alternative funding, the raising of capital through “crowdfunding”. It explains the concept of crowdfunding, provides an overview of the current state of the regulation of crowdfunding in Australia, and outlines recent moves by the Australian Government and industry bodies towards the development and adoption of a new, bespoke regulatory regime.