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10 March 2017

The Victorian Government has announced that it intends to introduce a suite of initiatives to increase housing affordability and re-balance the market between investors and home buyers.

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22 February 2017

In this edition of Higher Education Focus:

  • Remuneration Governance for Australian Universities
  • China’s new Foreign NGO Law: How will it impact Australian universities operating in China?
  • When the law says the employment relationship is over…
  • Globalisation of Higher Education – a guide for transnational higher education providers looking to operate in Australia
  • Commercial powers of Western Australian universities - the Universities Legislation Amendments Bill 2016 (WA)

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23 February 2017

The Bill makes common amendments to the legislation of each WA university as well as university specific amendments. Perhaps most significantly, the Bill expands the commercial powers of the public universities by providing a common scheme to raise money and capital, and a new mechanism for obtaining approvals for borrowings and guarantees.