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5 May 2016

The Senate Economics References Committee has released 'Bitter Harvest', a comprehensive report on agribusiness managed investment schemes (Agribusiness Schemes). The report has been prepared in response to the recent collapse of a number of major Agribusiness Schemes and is primarily concerned with the significant and widespread financial losses incurred by the retail investors of those schemes.

29 April 2016

The recent Western Australian State Administrative Tribunal decision in the Alacer stamp duty case marks a departure from the generally accepted valuation methodologies of land and chattels (including mining tenements) for landholder duty purposes.

28 April 2016

The Supreme Court of Victoria has handed down its first decision relating to the recently introduced 'economic entitlement' provisions of the landholder duty rules contained in the Victorian Duties Act.  The case, BPG Caulfield Village Pty Ltd v Commissioner of State Revenue provides important judicial guidance for investors and property developers dealing with Victorian land holding companies and trusts.

27 April 2016

The Victorian 2016-17 Budget handed down on 27 April has confirmed the pre-announced significant increases to stamp duty and land tax surcharges for 'foreign purchasers' and 'absentee owners' of Victorian property. These are some of the changes that have been introduced into the Victorian Parliament under the State Taxation and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2016 (Vic).

26 April 2016

On 22 April, the Senate Economics References Inquiry released Part II of its report on Corporate Tax Avoidance, ‘Gaming the System’. The report highlights increasing concern with the conduct of multinational companies ‘gaming the system’ through lack of transparency of their corporate tax structures and their unwillingness to be forthcoming with information about those structures not only to the Inquiry but also to the Commissioner of Taxation.

5 April 2016

Yesterday, a number of news outlets reported on the investigation by the Australian Taxation Office of over 800 Australian clients of Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm. Given the ATO's previous offshore voluntary disclosure initiatives, taxpayers who have now come to the ATO's attention will likely face an investigation of amplified intensity.

1 April 2016

Broker handling fees are a well established tool that takeover bidders sometimes use to encourage acceptances and achieve all important acceptance momentum. However, recent 'future of financial advice' reforms have significantly curtailed their use. While there is still scope for these fees to continue to be used by bidders and received by brokers, understanding the permissible boundaries is critical.

Updated 22 April 2016

The new 10% foreign resident capital gains tax withholding regime applies more broadly than many will expect, and both vendors and purchasers, whether Australian resident or not, will need to consider whether or not their transactions are affected.

18 March 2016

The Treasurer today announced that on and from 31 March 2016, the foreign investment rules will be amended so that all foreign investors need to seek and obtain prior Foreign Investment Review Board clearance before acquiring critical state-owned infrastructure.

22 February 2016

Today, the Treasurer announced the implementation of a 'standard' set of tax-related conditions that will apply to foreign investment clearances. This announcement is significant from a foreign direct investment perspective as it likely requires additional or more detailed upfront tax structuring advice prior to submission of a FIRB application, as well as a higher level of engagement with the ATO on FIRB applications.

25 January 2016

Late last year, the High Court handed down its decision in Commissioner of Taxation v Australian Building Systems Pty Ltd (in liq) [2015] HCA 48. The ATO has recently issued a Decision Impact Statement (DIS) setting out its view of the consequences of the High Court's decision.

8 January 2016

On 13 November 2015 the Treasurer and Minister of Finance jointly announced that a new double tax treaty had been negotiated with Germany, replacing the 1972 agreement. The text of the new treaty evidences Australia's Treaty policy response to recommendations made by the OECD as part of the base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) project. In this Alert we summarise the BEPS treaty proposals made by the OECD, and draw attention to Australia's response as evidenced in the new Australia/Germany Double Tax Treaty.

11 December 2015

The High Court's decision in Commissioner of Taxation v Australian Building Systems Pty Ltd (in liq) held that, in the absence of an assessment, a liquidator is not required to retain funds from asset sale proceeds in order to meet a tax liability which could become payable as a result of a capital gain made on the sale. In doing so, the majority of the High Court affirmed the decision of the Full Federal Court and provided long awaited guidance to liquidators, receivers and administrators.

29 October 2015

The Federal Government continues in its implementation of the reforms to Australia's foreign investment regime. The relevant Bills have been introduced into Parliament and a report on them has been handed down by the Senate Economics Committee.

23 October 2015

The Chevron case (Chevron Australia Holdings Pty Ltd (CAHPL) v Commissioner of Taxation) concerned the transfer pricing implications of a Credit Facility Agreement between CAHPL and Chevron Funding Corporation Inc, a Delaware based, wholly owned subsidiary of CAHPL. The central issue in the case was whether interest charged by CFC to CAHPL under the Credit Facility exceeded the arm's length amount.

21 October 2015

On 5 October 2015 the OECD issued its final paper on BEPS Action 12 Mandatory Disclosure Rules, Action 12 - 2015 Final Report (Paper). In this Alert we highlight the main issues and recommendations for taxation reform raised in the Paper.

The Australian Treasurer's BEPS Press Release on 6 October 2015 noted that the ATO is considering the costs and benefits for Australia of the mandatory disclosure rules recommended in the Paper. This is an area that may well result in reform in Australia potentially leading to further tax reporting for Australian taxpayers. For risk governance purposes, Boards should keep aware of the ATO's recommendations in relation to this Paper.

12 October 2015

Action 4 addressed the use of excessive interest deductions on debt to related and third parties. The OECD recommended a new best practice rule to prevent base erosion and profit shifting. The recommended approach would cap interest deductions based on a fixed ratio to EBITDA. Relief would be provided to highly geared groups through a worldwide gearing test.

This is a marked difference to Australia's recently amended thin capitalisation rules, which operate based on a fixed debt/equity ratio. Any amendments to the thin capitalisation rules or interest deductibility rules will impact funding arrangements, as well as highly leveraged groups, including banking and finance providers and infrastructure entities.

12 October 2015

This Alert focuses on Action 2 – Hybrid Mismatches, dealing with the OECD's proposals to neutralize tax benefits associated with instruments and entities which result in tax deductions in one jurisdiction and tax exemptions in another. The OECD's recommendations will lead to international action as well as domestic tax law changes, with Australia demonstrating its willingness to move early in implementing changes. For effective tax risk governance, it is important for multinational Boards to be aware of and to proactively respond to the OECD's recommendations.

7 October 2015

On 5 October 2015, the OECD issued its final papers for each action item in the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project.
The OECD's recommendations will lead to international action as well as domestic tax law changes. For effective tax risk governance, it is important for multinational Boards to be aware of and to proactively respond to the OECD's recommendations.

22 September 2015

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has published a draft proposal to change the rules that govern rebidding in the national electricity market. The proposed amendments would replace the existing rule which requires offers, bids and rebids to be made in good faith, with a new rule that prohibits offers, bids and rebids that are false, misleading or likely to mislead; and require rebids to be made as soon as practicable after a generator or market participant becomes aware of the change in material conditions or circumstances that has prompted the rebid.