Privacy and Data Protection

Minter Ellison’s privacy and data protection team advises clients across different industry sectors on local and international privacy and data protection issues.

We regularly assist with the development of privacy compliance tools and privacy policies and statements; conduct privacy audits of organisations to assist with compliance; advise financial institutions in relation to privacy implications associated with credit reporting and providing financial services; advise on marketing and promotional strategies (including email spam and other direct marketing); assist multinational organisations in relation to trans-border data flows; and assist organisations in the event of data and information security breaches.

In light of continuing proposals to change privacy laws in Australia, we keep abreast of developments and advise clients on the possible future changes to the law.

14 August 2014

Higher education providers are becoming increasingly popular targets for cyber attacks. Many institutions have responded by allocating significant resources and capital towards upgrading and reconfiguring their cyber security infrastructure. We provide a guide to help providers minimise risk.

19 June 2014

The risks associated with social media misuse by employees are well publicised. Less known, however, are the risks faced by employers in accessing, using and disclosing the personal information of employees obtained by the employer via social media sites. So, where does the line begin and end? And when can an employer rely on the information to make decisions?

13 June 2013

The Commonwealth Attorney General, Mark Dreyfus QC, yesterday issued Terms of Reference requiring the Australian Law Reform Commission to conduct an inquiry into the prevention of, and remedies for, serious invasions of privacy in the digital era. This latest development is part of the government's second stage response to the recommendations in the ALRC's 2008 Report into reforming the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), together with the recent proposed compulsory data breach notification scheme and the removal of certain exceptions to the Privacy Act.

20 May 2013

As the policy debate rages on the future direction of tertiary education and its institutions, Australian universities are grappling with a raft of regulatory changes that will materially affect their day to day operations.

30 April 2013

Cybercrime poses a significant challenge for law enforcement agencies and criminal justice systems across the globe. The borderless nature of the internet makes it easier for cyber attacks to be externally instigated. In response, Australia, together with a number of other nations, has taken steps to harmonise laws intended to combat cyber threats and facilitate greater international cooperation between law enforcement agencies.