Environmental responsibility

MinterEllison is committed to sound environmental practices as part of our broader commitment to corporate social responsibility, while actively seeking to minimise the negative impacts of our business on the environment.

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"Climate Active certification is an important milestone on our path to NetZero 2030. Our work to achieve carbon neutrality and year on year emissions reductions will ensure we reach our target by focusing on the areas of greatest impact." MinterEllison, July 2023

You can read more here: MinterEllison | Climate Active


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MinterEllison was the first professional services firm in Australia to participate in the annual Corporate Responsibility Index and is now a member of the Australian Legal Sector Alliance (AusLSA), an organisation bringing together law firms who share a mission to work collaboratively in promoting sustainable practices across the legal sector.

Since reporting began in 2004, we have reduced our emissions by an impressive 41%.

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As a provider of commercial legal services, our overall environmental footprint is relatively small. Nevertheless, where possible, we aim to minimise our use, and maximise our re-use of resources, including challenging our landlords to provide green alternatives in our tenancies. We continue to seek new opportunities to improve our environmental performance and reporting progress to our clients and the wider community.

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MinterEllison is committed to social sustainability by

  • donating superseded computers to Work Ventures,
  • Australia’s oldest not-for-profit IT social enterprise for its Connect IT program,which allows disadvantaged Australians to share in the benefits of modern technology by accessing functional and affordable computers
  • donating leftover food (in compliance with food handling regulations) to OzHarvest in both Sydney and Melbourne.

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We are committed to assessing the environmental, social and economic impacts of our purchasing decisions. In doing so, we seek to purchase products that:

  • minimise greenhouse gas emissions
  • maximise sustainability
  • utilise recycled content in production
  • are recyclable at life end
  • minimise the use of water
  • minimise toxicity
  • are sourced from producers and/or suppliers with a proven record of environmental management and product stewardship.

We also seek to work with suppliers who:

  • provide an assurance that no form of abuse or exploitation is permitted within their supply chain
  • offer Fair Trade products where appropriate
  • share our commitment to creating social benefits from unused or decommissioned products.

Review our current Procurement Compliance Standards

Do you need assistance with an overarching climate risk governance strategy? Our Climate risk governance experts can assist.