Building brand by leveraging diversity of thought

At MinterEllison, we know that our personal background, ethnicity, gender identity, age, faith, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, disability and family structures influence how we think.

Whilst this demographic diversity is important, we know workplaces that leverage diversity of thought through a culture of inclusion are higher performing – they have an enhanced ability to solve problems, make robust decisions and deliver innovative solutions.

MinterEllison has also attracted the interest of people seeking new opportunities and career paths including:

  • individuals who have started careers in medicine, engineering or construction before translating this experience into their legal practice, and
  • elite athletes looking for a firm that will stimulate them intellectually while also understanding the flexibility required for training regimes.

We have invested in building our business operations functions into strategic assets and offering rewarding careers in non-legal domains.

The creation of an award-winning platform

Leveraging diversity of thought has led to a number of key innovations for MinterEllison, including our international award-winning matter management solution – ME Taskflow.

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