Progressing gender equality

MinterEllison has a longstanding commitment to progress gender equality and achieve gender parity. We are committed to the advancement of women to partnership, building the female talent pipeline and embedding a culture that leverages working flexibly.


Our actions

We recognise that having women in leadership is only one component of achieving gender equality. Our programs address the underlying issues impacting gender equality:

  • addressing attitudes towards working flexibly through our Empower program
  • supporting our caregivers by providing working parents programs, emergency childcare options as well as providing access to eldercare kits
  • embedding robust recruitment, promotions and remuneration processes that address the potential impact of unconscious bias.

We have partnered with the Australian Red Cross and the Society of Women Leaders in their pilot corporate program, Emerging Leaders, to provide our women with the opportunity to work on a humanitarian project to build their leadership, and affect change in the global community.

MinterEllison partners with the Australian Red Cross and the Society of Women Leaders

Our results

  • 89% of our people believe our partners and managers genuinely support equality between genders
    (FY16 Empower our People Survey)
  • 51% of our legal professionals identify as female
  • 69% of our business operations professionals identify as female
  • 86% of our people believe our partners and managers support diversity in the workplace
  • 26% of our legal partnership body identify as female
  • 67% of our business operations directors identify as female
  • 50% of our partner promotions in 2018 identify as female


We have been recognised as a WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 meaning we regularly analyse our talent management processes (remuneration, retention, promotions, training and development, and talent high potential identification) to ensure that we are achieving gender equality in everything we do.


“Law is absolutely a people business and MinterEllison's long-held values explicitly recognise the benefits of diversity, inclusion and gender equality. We know diverse teams outperform. The blend of skills, backgrounds and perspectives reflected in our people delivers value for our clients, our people and our firm. We are committed to leveraging this advantage in everything that we do”
Tony Harrington