An interview with Neil Carpenter

2 mins

MinterEllison alumnus Neil Carpenter has completed an incredible 16 marathons around the world. In September, he ran the 42.195km Berlin Marathon, completing the course in just 3 hours and 20 minutes.

When did you join MinterEllison and what was your role?

I joined MinterEllison in December 2007 working with the then-known Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure Group as Business Development Manager. Fast forward seven years, my last role was as Head of Business Development for the Sydney office.

How did you get into marathon running?

It all started from a very young age when I won the 50 meter dash at my infant school. When I was a little older, I was selected to attend further training. My preferred distance is somewhat longer than 50 meters now.

You've completed 16 marathons. What makes you keep going back for more?

For me it’s just the freedom on the road, which becomes ‘my time’. When I'm running, I can readily solve first world problems in my head, set extremely ambitious goals for myself and think about my next race. Admittedly, only the last point becomes a reality.

How many countries have you travelled to compete and what was the most challenging?

To date, I've travelled to six countries to run marathons. The most challenging was in Reykjavik, Iceland. I decided whilst holidaying in Europe for three weeks it would be a great idea to throw in a city marathon at the end of the trip. In hindsight, after consuming many local delicacies in Spain, Germany and Amsterdam, this was not my best idea.

What was your favourite marathon and why?

The most enjoyable marathon was Chicago 2013. After a six years hiatus from running, I decided to take to the street again (coinciding with a holiday once again). It made me realise how much I had missed something that had been a huge part of my life as a child. The crowds and entertainment along the course and the atmosphere was truly amazing.

Where to from here with your marathon running?

To continue running as many as my legs/knees will carry me through. I was fortunate to qualify for the Berlin Marathon in 2017 and upon completion, learned a new Guinness Book of Record had been set. The fastest marathon run in a four-person centipede costume - 4 hours, 53 minutes and 33 seconds. I believe this record is breakable; if I could only find an additional three runners.

Any volunteers from the MinterEllison alumni community?

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