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Roxy Topham

We spoke to MinterEllison senior associate and Coders Collective member, Roxy Topham, about her experience being selected to attend the 'Learning how to Code in a Day' course.

My fellow senior associate Phi Vo and I are developing an online Safetrac story / questionnaire for the migration practice that will enable the firm to generate automated checklists of basic documents and forms for clients involved in the visa process.

Incorporating an automation feature, particularly in the transactional work we do, creates potential for more streamlined processes in our practice and enhances the way we interact with our clients.

In presenting this idea to the Coders Collective, I was given the opportunity to attend a 'Learn how to code in a day' course. This intensive one-day course took me from knowing nothing about coding, to building my own App. The course covered a brief history of programming, introduction to code and the web, programming language and hands-on coding. I now have a greater understanding of computational thinking and confidence in our goals and ability to achieve them.

The knowledge I gained at the course has created a platform for Phi and I to develop an automated product we can tailor and maintain ourselves. It has also given us the ability to develop future apps in collaboration with our clients around immigration risk and compliance management that we can hopefully take to market.

I believe we can use and develop our new skills to take our client service offering in our practice to the next level, and therein lies the greatest investment.

The firm's investment in its people through its innovation agenda:

  • cultivates an innovative culture and captures internal talent that can be leveraged to create new products and ways of doing things better.
  • facilitates and grows collaborative relationships across practice groups and offices.
  • creates an inspiring workplace – working with colleagues who are passionate about innovation and exploring different ways we can operate and communicate with our clients.

Senior Associate Roxy Topham

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