Justice and opportunity for Indigenous Australia

1 min  20.11.2018

Our goal is to expand our engagement with Indigenous communities through our Reconciliation Action Plan.

We are proud of our longstanding partnership with the KARI Foundation, the largest Australian provider of foster care for Aboriginal families whose mission it is to strengthen families ties. As KARI has evolved, we have worked in partnership with KARI to adapt its corporate structure to its changing needs and goals. In turn, KARI has provided invaluable advice on guidance to inform the development of our RAP.

We were honoured to be recognised as KARI’s Partner Agency of the Year in 2016.

Our various teams have all contributed to our relationship with KARI including: Dispute Resolution, Insurance and Corporate Risk, Commercial and Regulatory, Tax, Real Estate, Human Resources & Industrial Relations and Mergers & Acquisitions. Lawyers from Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra have all been on the journey with KARI.

Our pro bono commitment to Indigenous communities

Working together

We have also been privileged to work closely with other Indigenous clients including:

  • Aboriginal-controlled corporations referred to us via the ORIC Law Help program
  • Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service
  • Rhodanthe Lipsett Indigenous Midwifery Charitable Fund
  • The Long Walk
  • IDEAS (Indigenous Diabetes Eyes and Screening) Van
  • Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair
  • Australian Indigenous Medical Scholarship Fund
  • Australian Indigenous Aviation Foundation
  • Central Australia Academic Health Science Centre
  • Djilpin Arts Centre, Beswick
  • Muru Mittigar
  • Mila Foundation
  • Many Rivers
  • Indigenous Australian Engineering School via Engineering Aid Australia
  • Australian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce
  • Yamaji Art Centre

We are a fully vaccinated workplace.

Playing our part in creating a safe workplace and communities.