Remuneration Governance Services

Jon Finlay, Paul Bailie

Our Remuneration Governance team have developed a reputation as trusted advisers to Boards and management - helping them focus their remuneration strategy and policy on driving business strategy whilst properly managing the risk in pay within the limits set by governance and regulatory frameworks.

With extensive experience as Board Remuneration Advisers, the team support Board Remuneration Committees and CEOs through the annual pay governance cycle. They also provide project based advice where the Board requires support for strategic initiatives involving executive remuneration.

Working with us

Our services include:

Remuneration Committee support

  • We provide independent expert advice on matters considered by Remuneration Committees. During each annual cycle, we provide guidance at committee level on pay adjustments, performance conditions, equity issues, shareholder matters, achieving better alignment between pay design, performance, shareholder expectations and governance and regulatory boundaries, and improving pay governance.

Simple and transparent pay design that rewards real achievement, and builds effective alignment between executives and shareholders within good governance standards and regulatory requirements

  • We know how to make executive pay responsible and appropriate from the shareholder perspective, and attractive and fair from the executive perspective. Our clients find our working knowledge of the regulatory framework in the financial sector, for example, including the APRA Prudential Standards and the Banking Executive Accountability Regime (BEAR), and the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles & Recommendations, pragmatic and re-assuring.

Structuring and delivering executive pay

  • We understand and apply the emerging theory of the economic psychology of incentives to executive remuneration design. We understand evolving market practice around the valuation of equity and where it will land.

Helping Boards engage more effectively with stakeholders

  • We understand the importance of bringing the "voice of the shareholder" into pay design decision-making, and developing remuneration disclosures with better rationales to maximise shareholder support at the AGM.
  • We also understand the challenges raised by adjusting pay-mixes and performance conditions, and the changing expectations that the community, investor, regulator, and the executive have of the Board.

Support is confidential, pragmatic and efficient. Our practical experience covers the ANZ, Asia, UK, and North American business landscapes – we have served remuneration committees of $10 million market cap start-ups and $130 billion corporations – and worked across most industry sectors

A combined team

We offer a comprehensive suite of legal and remuneration consulting services to boardroom clients, bringing together MinterEllison's remuneration governance, corporate, tax and employment experts. Clients have access to the full range of integrated expert legal and remuneration governance support without having to use multiple providers. This creates efficiencies for clients and ensures consistency and quality of advice.

Together, we provide strategic insight and advice to meet all the practical and technical challenges facing Boards and management on executive pay matters.

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