Scholarships to enable growth

3 mins  20.11.2018

We are proud of our commitment to the community and the positive influence we can have on education by offering students support, mentoring and financial assistance.

Jennifer Barton Scholarship

Jennifer Barton, one of our most promising young lawyers, died of ovarian cancer at just 29 years of age. Following her death her family established a law scholarship in her memory at Macquarie Law School. The scholarship is awarded to a second year student at Macquarie Law School student who reflects Jennifer's exemplary qualities. MinterEllison was proud to contribute seed funding to ensure that the scholarship will be offered on a perpetual basis to remember one of our most loved and respected people.

MinterEllison ABCN Scholarship for Future Women Leaders

Through the ABCN Scholarship Foundation, MinterEllison has established a perpetual scholarship for Future Women Leaders.

Each year a new scholarship recipient receives a combination of funding support and mentoring assistance to complete high school and make a successful transition to tertiary education.

In their own words

One of our mentors, Kristy Brockwell, explained her inspiration to a student assembly at her student's school:

"My father grew up in Hong Kong in conditions that were probably on the borderline of poverty. He didn't come from money and he didn't always have, or probably never had, any luxuries as a kid growing up. Both his parents worked really hard to support the family and one thing they ensured was that their children never went hungry. Whilst my father may not have had things in life that we consider to be luxuries, his parents ensured that he had access to an education, which was a privilege in Hong Kong. Education was not free. He once told me that children in Hong Kong are considered to be 'extensions of their parents dreams', and that him going to School and getting an education was that 'extension'. I was the first of my immediate family to go to university, and I was public schooled. I am a female who works in a male dominant industry, and whilst gender equality has a long way to go, I feel that now is the time and place for women to rise. My mum, Nan and my grandma didn't finish high school. And I don't come from a family of lawyers, or female professionals. However, today more than ever women are being promoted in the workplace, and there is a growing demand for women in leadership roles. Be bold and brave, say yes to opportunities, even if they might scare you. When you come to a fork in the road, don't take the easy option, take the road that you believe is right for you, even if it is a little rocky. And finally, value your education, and I promise you that it will take you to places that may only currently exist in your dreams."  

Glenala State High School Scholarship program

To learn more about our scholarship program with Glenala State High School in Brisbane, view the Department of Education video

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