Tapping the potential of Hydrogen in Australia

PDF download  03.12.2020 Brendan Clark, Ros O'Mally

Twelve months on from the launch of Australia’s first National Hydrogen Strategy, Australia is well positioned to be a world leader in the hydrogen sector. According to Australia’s national science research agency, CSIRO, hydrogen markets are on the verge of a ‘tipping point’.


A global commitment to decarbonise, emerging export markets and falling renewable energy costs mean that hydrogen is no longer just a 'research opportunity'. The world is waiting for a clean, secure, affordable and sustainable source of energy. It might well have found it in hydrogen. Hydrogen represents an enormous opportunity for Australia and momentum is building. There are a growing number of hydrogen demonstration projects and research and development underway across Australia.

Our Energy & Resources specialists have developed this comprehensive report exploring:

  • the potential for hydrogen
  • financial, supply chain and regulatory issues
  • lessons to be learned from the country's recent experience in the CSG to LNG and solar power sectors.

How can you untap the full potential of Hydrogen?