Enhancing the effectiveness of in-house legal teams

We support in-house legal teams with integrated services across the full spectrum of commercial, legal and risk issues.

Organisations are expecting more from their internal legal and risk resources. We can assist you in providing value, innovation and continuous improvement in your day-to-day activities and interactions with the rest of your business. We provide special professional development training, mentoring, resourcing support, research skills development, procurement best practice and an understanding and access to new digital and technology tools to enable you to deliver more, deliver smarter and deliver for less cost.

  • Digital tools
  • Optimising in-house legal teams
  • Flexible resourcing
  • Professional development & training
Digital tools

Digital tools are changing the delivery of legal services and the role of in-house legal and external providers.

We can provide you with access to a suite of technology solutions that support legal project management and resource optimisation; enable collaboration between MinterEllison and you; provide automation of processes; enhance timely service delivery; reduce risk; improve efficiency for routine legal work; promote knowledge and skills transfer to you; and help in reducing overall costs.

Our own digital transformation is focussed on leveraging key technologies to improve legal processes and our legal service delivery capability. We have gathered a team of business process and technology experts working in partnership with our lawyers to develop methodologies and technology solutions that facilitate value and efficiency. We have developed our own workflow platforms, including our award winning Taskflow, which automate and streamline high volume legal work. 

Some examples of tools we can offer you include:

  • Process management and document automation for high-volume repeatable transactions
  • Cognitive thinking and artificial intelligence (Neota Logic)
  • Online compliance and training solutions
  • Online solutions for the management of risk and legal incidents
  • Organising and sharing private, board documents and governance materials
  • Online collaboration portals and data rooms
  • Special apps to suit your needs


Flexible resourcing

MinterEllison Flex is a fully integrated contract lawyer service that provides in-house legal teams with the ability to flexibly and reliably cover or boost their capacity and capability.

We cater for scenarios such as periods of extended leave, the need to rapidly add capacity, and temporary requirements for special projects - when only top quality, reliable lawyers who can 'hit the ground running' will fit the bill.

Flex is particularly focussed on the quality of the contract lawyers that we place with our clients. We draw on our existing understanding of our clients' businesses to ensure a good fit and, with a dedicated team who are closely connected with the lawyers in our pool, we can make placements quickly and effectively.

Professional development & training

We offer a series of CPD training, bespoke skills development and training programs, and mentoring programs to help your team become a better in-house lawyers.

MinterEllison’s CPD program, Legal Studio, is run in our offices nationally twice a year and provides an opportunity for your team to learn from our experts on the latest legal trends and updates as well as practical professional development skills. Access to our market leading professional development
programs will allow your legal teams to meet their continuing legal education needs cost free and in
a time efficient way.

We provide regular seminars, training as well as special reports on the topics that are most relevant to your technical needs, professional development and career growth. We can design specific training for you and your team to suit your professional development needs.

We publish and distribute a wide range of special reports, white papers, guides, bulletins and topical updates.

In addition to our technical legal and commercial understanding, we provide bespoke solutions to in-house legal, risk and compliance teams that can include:

  • Skills and professional development training, including research, technology tools, team management, ethics and advice on dealing with the Board, executives and the rest of your business
  • Peer networking and mentoring
  • Organisational leadership interactions, and executive remuneration, employment relations
  • Legal department strategy, structure, talent management
  • Flexible resourcing with contract lawyers
  • Procuring external services and outside counsel management
  • Litigation management
  • Legal technology solutions
  • Board and corporate secretarial support

General counsel as strategic advisers to leadership

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