At MinterEllison, we know a workplace that leverages diversity through a culture of inclusion will deliver stronger connections with colleagues and clients and have an enhanced ability to create innovative solutions.

We aspire to create an inclusive, high performance culture where our people bring their whole selves to work, are at their best, and work to their strengths to provide real value for our clients and deliver a distinctive experience.

To achieve this aspiration, we commit to:

  • realising 30% female partners by 2020
  • realising 30% female Board membership by 2020
  • embedding a culture that leverages diversity of thought
  • building a diverse workforce in every sense that reflects the diversity of our clients
  • being our clients' best partner in embedding LGBTI Inclusion.

Inclusion at MinterEllison

Our results

In celebrating our story to date, we know that:

  • 90% of our people believe our partners and managers genuinely support equality between genders (FY16 Empower our People Survey)
  • 81% of our people believe they have sufficient flexibility in their work to meet personal and family needs (FY16 Empower our People Survey)
  • 64% of our total workforce identify as female
  • 25% of our legal partnership body identify as female
  • 67% of our business operations directors identify as female
  • 25% of our people are members or allies of our internal LGBTI Network - Pride, Respect and Inclusion at MinterEllison (PRiME) - within 12 months of launch
  • 52% of our people who have participated in Empower work flexibly (Empower is a bespoke program focused on redesigning work practices)
  • 64 different languages are spoken across the firm
  • 86% of our people believe our partners and managers support diversity in the workplace

However, the work to embed inclusion and leverage diversity at MinterEllison continues well beyond the numbers.


Our activities

Inclusion at MinterEllison is closely aligned to the value we constantly challenge ourselves to deliver to our clients and create for our people. It is a critical strategic imperative for us.

Effective inclusion focuses on a curiosity and drive to do things differently, always looking to raise the bar in how we bring diverse teams together to deliver exceptional outcomes for clients. This includes challenging the status quo regarding what we do, how we do it and where we do it.

We know that inclusion is a win-win game: it delivers better outcomes for clients, robust and engaging teams for our people, and great outcomes for our firm.


Inclusion and Empower

Our Inclusion agenda involves shifting mindsets. MinterEllison is currently implementing the strategic initiative Empower, that is focused on working, team by team, to create an environment that facilitates inclusion.

Empower achieves this by providing forums where teams can actively recognise the value of diverse perspectives and, by redesigning work practices, the program encourages our people to explore how they can deliver better outcomes to their clients by making different choices about how and where they work.

This allows us to connect the concepts of diversity, inclusion and flexibility with commercial outcomes and drives a new, practical, supported and endorsed way of working.