Infrastructure & projects

Infrastructure is more than just providing physical assets. The market demands the development of long-lasting, high-performing infrastructure, that maximises social return on investment.

Development of efficient major infrastructure and other real assets are key contributors to a region's ongoing prosperity. The Australian infrastructure sector is delivering high levels of activity on the back of governments prioritising infrastructure spending. Our lawyers are recognised as leading advisers to both the public sector and private sector on all types of infrastructure projects, from inception to completion, operation and divestment (including energy and resource development projects; electricity, water and telecommunications utilities; roads, rail, airports and ports; educational, sports, courts and correctional facilities; commercial towers; industrial developments; shopping centres; residential developments; and urban renewal projects).

How can we help

Our team advises on all aspects of the Infrastructure & projects sector, including;

  • Project initiation
  • Acquisition and planning
  • Develop and construct
  • Manage
  • Divest
Project initiation

A well-managed initiating phase sets up a project for success. We play a key role in this process by investing in developing relationships, gaining a deep understanding of your needs and objectives to allow us to manage risks and develop strategic opportunities.

Our extensive experience in both public and private sectors means we've worked on most types of projects and assets classes which are being developed in the Asia-Pacific market. We can speak to the needs and trends developing in the industry.

We provide a range of project initiation solutions including:

  • Market Strategy and opportunity analysis
  • Site selection and acquisition planning
  • Business planning, business case development and feasibility studies
  • Deal development and delivery strategies
  • Market sounding
  • Risk identification and audit processes
  • Market engagement and tendering strategies

Acquisition and planning

Working collaboratively and responsively with a diverse range of subject matter experts and bringing people together is a key strength in the way we work.

We've worked hand-in-glove with public and private sector principals, contractors, project managers, suppliers, financiers and investors. This diverse experience translates into efficiencies and positive gains over the course of the transaction.

Likewise, our extensive networks help break-down barriers, and facilitate seamless channels of communication to provide swift, common sense, cost-effective solutions to complex matters.

We deliver end-to-end services for our clients during the acquisition and planning phase, including:

  • Corporate structuring, acquisition vehicles and investment trusts, joint ventures and consortia formation.
  • Special infrastructure, project and asset financing, public private partnerships
  • Due diligence including environmental, planning, strata, native title, heritage and other regulatory issues
  • Tax structuring, stamp duty, land tax and GST
  • Property acquisition and land resumptions

Develop and construct

Working together with our clients, we find solutions to successfully deliver infrastructure and other major projects which capitalise on strategic opportunities for our clients by managing risk and providing certainty.

Having worked collaboratively with all areas of the public and private sector, we are experienced in advising on appropriate procurement methods and have advised on the structuring and establishment of all types of infrastructure assets, including many complex and landmark projects, both domestically and internationally.

We provide a range of construction and development solutions including:

  • Planning and environment approvals and disputes
  • Procurement and construction (delivered based on various procurement methodologies including D&C, EPC, BOOT, O&M, PPP and PFI)
  • Contract administration
  • Strata and Titling
  • Delivery


Vast challenges exist on the journey towards best practice infrastructure asset management.

It requires the bringing together of a broad range of multidisciplinary processes, including risk management, financial considerations, economic analysis, environmental adherence and innovative engineering approaches.

Our team provides advice to short and long-term challenges, assisting clients to make the right decisions towards optimising asset performance.

Our clients tell us they need a full service solution, so in response we provide multidisciplinary support to assist owners and operators to ensure assets support delivery of strategic goals and align to required risk profiles of the parties involved.

We find innovative solutions to project challenges, to keep assets ‘fit for purpose’, advising on:

  • Asset portfolio management
  • Operations & facilities management
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Leasing
  • Property sales and conveyancing
  • Property Management
  • Maintenance and redevelopment
  • Insurance
  • WHS


Divestment of critical infrastructure assets involves navigating complex contractual arrangements with key stakeholder relationships, including those with owners, investors and debt providers.

We work collaboratively with asset owners, managers and operators to advise on matters, including:

  • Separation and structuring solutions
  • Asset sell down and M&A
  • Tax structuring
  • Environment, contamination and rehabilitation
  • Planning
  • Employment transitions


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