Infrastructure consulting

Today's infrastructure projects and developments need leadership, direction and certainty to ensure success. Our Infrastructure Consulting offering provides clients with a fully integrated approach to the delivery of multi-disciplinary services.

To meet the needs of our clients we provide strategic, transactional, technical and commercial services, throughout various stages of the lifecycle. We work with our legal and consulting colleagues to offer multi-disciplinary end to end solutions.

Infrastructure Consulting supports clients to ensure they have certainty, direction and leadership to succeed, by:

  • Developing holistic strategies and principles: Infrastructure Consulting provides tailored holistic advice based on our end-to-end project experience to assist clients succeed in developing and delivering industry and market engagement, commercial frameworks, procurement and delivery strategies and documentation and dispute mitigation strategies
  • Mitigating risks and identifying opportunities: Infrastructure Consulting identifies and considers commercial and technical opportunities, risks and mitigation strategies, to ensure the successful execution of a procurement, contract, project or program
  • Delivering robust due diligence: Infrastructure Consulting undertakes detailed commercial assessments, taking into account all considerations, to provide sellers and potential buyers to act with certainty and confidence and to assist clients with projects in distress

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