Debbie McLaughlin
Partner, MinterEllison Consulting, Canberra
I specialise in the delivery of Commonwealth Government ICT commercial advisory having executed numerous large engagements for Defence, ATO, DoH, DAWG and other large Federal Government Agencies.

I'm proud of my expertise in the complexities and nuances of commercial advisory in the Federal Government and enjoy leveraging this experience to ensure the best possible outcomes for my clients.

My career has spanned 30 years working as a professional services practitioner, with 6 years in a major law firm and over 20 years as a management consultant specialising in ICT commercial advisory.

Career highlights

  • Department of Defence - strategic adviser to the CIOG CIO and Executive as well as business executives on a broad range of initiatives and projects in relation to Defence projects and contracts in excess of $3Billion.
  • Department of Health - strategic adviser on the National Cancer Register Project for the establishment of a new National register. This is used to track, report and follow up on cancer preventative measures by the Commonwealth and State and Territory governments.
  • Australian Tax Office - joint program lead responsible for the management and co-ordination of all sourcing activities across 3 major projects. I also acted as project lead on their Performance Management Framework Re-alignment Project
  • Department of Immigration and Border Control – strategic adviser and program manager across 4 major projects (central processing, secure gateway, applications development and management services, telecommunications services)
  • Department of Agriculture and Water Resources – advised on the development of a holistic Sourcing Strategy including creation of current state, business alignment assessment, identification of options, assessment of options against risk, financial, market and business criteria, financial analysis, development of recommendations and implementation plan.

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