Fiona Glendinning
Chief Experience Officer
I am a senior executive with global experience in designing, leading and delivering transformational change across and within teams, organisations and countries. 
  • 02 9921 8763
  • 0404 036 279

I have a strong and passionate commitment to making a difference for the people I work with – delivering results through the implementation of innovative, commercial and market oriented strategies. With the objective of delivering results that improve client satisfaction, increases employee engagement and retention, strengthens the brand, creates a genuine point of differentiation and improves the top and bottom line.

I take pride in translating strategies into practical actions that can be undertaken by every member within the team. Working in a collaborative manner ensuring that we are people centred and the needs of the team and leaders are exceeded through our delivery. We seek to challenge the business as usual approach to generating results and outcomes. We want to create pathways that enable teams to combine legal technical excellence with an focus on experience delivery.

Career highlights

  • I have worked with government and non-government in-house legal teams consulting on a number of opportunities including building high performance legal teams, design thinking, legal conference delivery, leadership and team development, transformational change, experience programs, client listening and work practice re-design.
  • Led and delivered local and global non-legal leadership conferences for professional services firms.
  • Facilitated sessions Executive Leadership teams across the US, UK, Europe, Asia Pacific and South America.
  • Designed and delivered an award winning transformational change program – "Empower" – recognised in Australia (HR Awards 2018) and Asia Pacific (FT Innovative Lawyers Award 2017).