Joao Segorbe
Partner, MinterEllison Consulting, Sydney
I am passionate about helping my clients to navigate the energy transition and manage all broad ESG themes. I have extensive experience working in the energy and resources industry, both as an executive and a consultant.

I am an experienced C-level executive and consultant, and have worked internationally across leading ASX organisations. I was previously Executive General Manager Strategy and Corporate Development at AGL and, prior to this, a Partner at McKinsey&Co. I have over 20 years’ experience assisting clients in the Energy and Resources industry on their transition. This includes deep technical expertise, commercial activity and strong people leadership skills.

I enjoy working with clients on their energy transition across all its dimensions and dealing with this complex change. I provide my clients with deep problem solving and scoping skill, and most importantly, far-reaching people influencing skills – from Board to frontline.

Career highlights

Prior to joining MinterEllison, I had a leading role on the following:

  • AGL strategy between 2019 and 2022, and the evolution of their carbon commitments
  • Multiple transformations of Energy and Resources companies
  • Multiple strategy pieces for Energy, Resources and Heavy Industry companies, including, for example, the investment case for the first large-scale battery in Australia
  • Capex delivery optimisation programs for energy companies, including renewable investments
  • Climate change impact mitigation strategy for developing country
  • Energy and emissions regulatory work

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