Report Incident app

Supporting rapid response in the immediate aftermath of a workplace safety or environmental/pollution incident.

Responding quickly to a safety or environment incident enables you to ensure safety, preserve evidence and be ready for the regulator's arrival on site – helping you to fulfil your obligations.

You have obtained any required medical attention, shut down machinery and equipment, taken steps to stop the incident continuing and secured the site. Your next step, before starting any internal investigation, is to contact your legal advisor to obtain advice on the myriad of issues which are now confronting you – ranging from your notification obligations, dealing with safety and environmental regulators and assessing your liability and defence strategy.

This can be overwhelming. Our new Report Incident App – available on all Apple and Android platforms – has been designed to enable you to obtain legal guidance and support straight away, as well as capturing critical information which your lawyers will need.

Downloading the App

The Report Incident App is available free of charge from the Apple and Android App Stores.

You will be asked to provide your details before access to the App is provided.

We will contact you to authorise your access.

The Report Incident App can be tailored for your workplace for a modest fee.

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If you have any questions about the App or other queries about the management of safety or environmental incidents, please contact your MinterEllison contacts below or email us.


Workplace safety incidents 

NSW/ACT Harriet Eager

QLD Samantha Betzien/Deanna McMaster

WA Craig Boyle

SA/NT Andrew Short

Environmental incidents

NSW/ACT Simon Ball/Luke Walker

VIC/TAS Amanda Johns

QLD Antra Hood

WA Lee Rossetto

SA Jeremy Hill

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